Updated: June/2019

Ref.No.Buy/SellCommodity LocationPriceDelivered


Buying Feed Barley $4.75 - 5.00/Bushel FOB,  SK, depending on quality and location. Prompt movement.    also buying heated, spring threshed, light or tough barley at discount.   prompt.   Sask $4.75 -  5.00 FOB  


Buying  Low vomi Feed Wheat. $5.00 - 5.50/Bushel FOB.  depending on location and White or Red. prompt   Sask

$5.00 -  5.50

 0908  Buying High vomi Feed Wheat. $5.00/Bushel FOB, depending on specs.  White, Red or Durum. also buying heated, tough or light Wheat at at discount.  Prompt movement.    Sask $5.00  FOB  


 Buying Feed Oats,  $2.75 - 3.00/Bushel FOB SK. depending on quality and location.  also buying heated or damaged Oats at discount.  Prompt movement.    Sask/MB

 $2.75 -  3.00



Buying Spring Thrashed Oats.  $2.50 - 2.75 /bushel FOB.   prompt movement. depending on specs.  prompt movement.    SK/MB

 $2.50 -  2.75



Buying Heated, spring thrashed or damaged Canola and Flax.  Price depending on quality and location.   Sask/MB ??? FOB  
 0911  Buying  Feed Peas, Lentils, Faba Beans, and Chick Peas.  Price depending on quality and location.    Sask  ???  FOB